we are not the largest, nor the oldest, but when it comes to information technology strategy for mid-size business we are the smartest kids in the room.

The Spirit of Innovation

What is innovation? It is the spirit that drives technology forward.

It allows us to work smarter, work faster and work more effectively. Most importantly, it is the principle our company was founded on.

Innovation begins when we find ways to combine resources in a creative way. However, true innovation is not found by merely focusing on the resources available, but in redefining what resources are. By constantly searching for new ways to look at the world, we find new ways to solve its greatest challenges.

Creativity is the necessary foundation for innovation, but it is merely a starting point. The essence of innovation is asking better questions and demanding better answers of ourselves and of those we serve. We never stop asking the fundamental question, "How could this be better?"

At its most fundamental level, the process of innovation is simply the skill of effective problem solving. This process requires a firm understanding of those factors that drive technology forward. We believe that the most complex problem can be simplified into a series of leverage points, and by focusing our effort on these specific areas we can greatly magnify our results.

It is more than a mindset; it is a commitment to never-ending improvement. It is a unique solution to a fundamental problem. It is not being afraid to reframe a challenge in order to solve it in a novel way. It is having the courage to question the assumptions of our industry and of those who have come before us.

Innovation is the lens through which we see the world. It is not just what we do; it is who we are.